Legs Template

I’m going to begin my Legs project by making an acrylic Template. This template will then be used to finish the ply-wood layers on my router table. I considered printing out a full-scale drawing based on the Club Blueprints to transfer to my template material but instead I did a new drawing with all the important dimensions in place, and used that to layout the leg outline by hand on my template material.

I started by laying out the main guide lines on my template material, and then carefully completed the drawing. I chose to use Acrylic Sheet that I had on hand for my template hoping that is will make for a durable pattern. The acrylic had been previously primed, which allowed me to use a pencil to do my drawing.

IMG 1298
Template3 600

I then cut this template out with a bandsaw and after a light bit of cleanup with sandpaper I have a functional template.