Guessing at Dimensions

So, I have many images I have collected of the various Power Droids. I still have not found a definitive answer to the question of agreed upon dimensions. Here’s the thing, I know for the Original Trilogy, and a New Hope in particular, the Power Droid was just cobbled together using what was on hand. I think it is generally agreed that they used some sort of Storage Containers. Also, the various PDs seen in the films are often different from the last. I feel that I have some freedom in coming up with dimensions that work for me.

I have a hard time finding images of a PD standing by something of a known height. There is a Drawing of a GNK with a 3PO, and a often seen photo of Actor Jack Purvis leaning against a Power Droid Costume (PD not standing on its legs The Wookieepedia lists a GNK Droid at 1.1m… But lists C-3PO at 1.71 when Anthony Daniels is listed at 1.75m on IMDB (C-3PO just HAS to be taller than Anthony, right?)… So, can Wookieepedia be trusted? Well, I pulled open my New Essential Guide To Droids and it lists C-3PO at 1.7m and the EG-6 Power Droid at 1.1m … a consensus? Well, if I ignore the fact that I think C-3PO is probably a bit taller on screen, I think I can accept 1.1m for the height of your average Power Droid!