Skins and Body

As soon as I got my Skins molds in hand and the weather here in BC warmed up a bit, I got to making Skins. For R6-T3x, I planned on Bonded Composite Skins and a minimalistic Frame. These skins are quite rigid, and don’t need a conventional frame. In fact, I’m convinced that I could get away with no frame at all which is why I have been experimenting with a uni-body idea over in the Body and Frame forum. But, I was antsy to get going on 6-T3x and had not finished a design that I was confident in the Legs attachment, so I compromised for this build. I used the methods I was happy with so far; Bonded Skins with Top Ring and full bottom, but open holes for the Shoulder Flanges. Keeping in mind that at this point I still was not sure if 6-T3x was going to be static or have a foot drive system, I chose to build a minimal frame which will be rigid enough to keep the legs straight.

The skins, with a bit of glazing putty, were looking pretty good. Keep in mind that I started here with the second worst set of skins I had at this point… The detail was good, but there were some imperfections in the Finish.

I bonded the Skins to form the cylinder of the body, including a fully integrated bottom and a ring at the top. I finished glazing the finish and sprayed the thing with a primer. This primer came from a plastics shop and was recommended by a boat builder, but looking back I feel it was not my best option. It grabs the Composite Finish well, and cured pretty hard… but is not easy sanding so I know that when it comes time to finish-sand the body I’ll be taking a lot of it away and reapplying a better-sanding primer.