Printed Skirt

The skirt is another plan gone awry. I had decided that I was going to model, mold and cast in composites a Skirt. I considered a Wood Model, and I considered Foam, and I considered modeling clay over a Wood Armature. In the end I decided to model the Skirt in CAD and print it out in pieces out of ABS, weld the pieces and prepare for molding. So far So good... right?

I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of the Printed Parts. I either did not take photos of this step or, more likely, misplaced any images I had. The truth is… although the process turned out an acceptable skirt, I was not overly excited about the results. I chose not to bother molding this Skirt, but I did continue finishing it with some putty and easy-sanding primer. I sat it on the bottom of my Body (well, 6-T3x’s Body) and kinda liked the look. Before I knew it, I was affixing the Skirt to the Body with PL700 and clamps. Again, remember I thought this body was a test run… Now that it has been on there for a while, I’m pretty happy with it. I have begun to re-model the skirt to fix a few short comings I ran into and also to design it for the larger printer I now have. My original skirt was printed in 8 individual pieces, where the new one MAY be done in only two.