About myAstromech

Welcome to the myAstromech Site. This is the home to my Build Logs and other information relating to my Astromech projects, which include an R6 Astromech Droid (of my own creation) named R6-T3x. I also plan a GNK power droid and naturally I hope to build every ones favorite droid, R2-D2! There is a chance that I’ll add a BB8 Build to the list as well. You will see that I am a budget-minded builder, and I prefer to go my own way while building. I will be using a mixed bag of technologies in these builds; wood, steel, aluminum, plastics and composites. I’ll also use standard shop tools, a CNC mill/router and/or 3D Printers. The site is geared towards, and targets Astromech Builders, but may be of interest to the curious and the maker.

Who am I?

Well, I’m just me… I’m a maker, and a tinkerer. I’m a Member of the R2 Builders Club and others. My name is Aaron, AKA R2-Rn or A4 on some forums.

What is an Astromech?

If you are asking yourself what an Astromech is, you clearly landed here by accident! Astromechs (or Astromech Droids) refer to the fantastic little Droids from the Star Wars universe, which carry out maintenance tasks, or function as a copilot of sorts for fighters. The most famous of these Droids is, of course, the much loved R2-D2! Our little Artoo is not the only important Astromech, but it did set the course for Fan Love. Many of the Droids seen in the movies come from the R-Series of Droids (R0 through R9). Another nearly famous R-Series is the R5-D4 with the Bad Motivator who nearly took Artoo’s place on Luke’s Uncle’s Farm… Perhaps I’ll one day write a R-Series history for this site, but for now this is not the place for that. There is a lot of R-Series reference already on the web. But now you know what I’m talking about, when I mention Astromech or R-Series.